1Memorial stone in honor of the 100th anniversary of the plant
Open joint-stock company Borisov traeting plant was created in 1900 by Decree of Emperor of Russia Nicholas II during the construction of the Moscow-Brest Railway. It is today the most modern specialized enterprise in the territory of the former Soviet Union. Until December 2010, the plant was a structural division of the Belarusian Railway, then it was transformed into an Open Joint Stock Company. 99, 837% of the company's shares are owned by the state, shares are managed by the Head of the Belarusian Railway.

In 2006, the enterprise was completely reconstructed, and in 2013 it was modernized. The design capacity is designed for the annual production of wooden sleepers in the amount of 1 million units.

OJSC Borisov Treating Plant provides today in full the needs of the Belarusian Railway in wooden sleepers, bars for switches, bridge bars. Since 2013, the company has been an active exporter of products. In 2020, wooden sleepers products were exported in the amount of 16900 thousand rubles or 7018.9 thousand US dollars. The share of exports in sales revenue amounted to 59.2%.


In 2020, the domestic market of the Republic of Belarus sold 40.8% of all products, and 59.2% outside it. The main consumer in the domestic market of impregnated products is the state association "Belarusian Railway" - 29.6%. The capacity of the Belarusian market of wooden sleepers is currently estimated at 130 thousand sleepers and 630 sets of point sleepers.

The high quality of products allowed the company to become a supplier of sleeper products for large foreign companies, based on the negotiations and preliminary elaboration of requests, the following enterprises and organizations should be attributed to the most promising partners of the plant in the framework of receiving orders:

-Metalloinvest LLC ;

- Mikhailovsky mining and refining plant PJSC;

- Lebedinsky mining and refining plant JSC;


- Stoilensky mining and refining plant JSC;


- Promallance LLC;

- Northwestern Highway LLC;

- "Georgian Railway JSC";

- South Caucasus Railway (Armenia);

- "Transnistrian Railway" SUPU;

- "Azerbaijan Railways" CJSC;

- State Enterprise "Railway of Moldova";

- "ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih" PJSC;

- Donpromtrans LLC;

- Sphinx KN Estonia LLP;

- "Skinest Baltiya" Lithuania CJSC;

- EVA Timber Group Limited, UK.


Impregnation of sleeper products is carried out by autoclave method under pressure with shale oil-based antiseptic (Estonia) and bioprotective solution based on antiseptic TanalithE (England).

Our products have certificates of compliance with FBU "RS FZHT" of the Russian Federation, as well as the Republic of Belarus.

The automated control system of the impregnation process allows to ensure high quality of the manufactured products. The only equipment in CIS for surface gluing of sleeper products and clogging of end reinforcing plates according to the European standard allows to achieve penetration of antiseptic through hard-to-impregnate areas of wood with a depth of more than 10 mm and prevent cracking of sleepers and bars during their operation.

The plant conducts constant scientific work in the field of development of new antiseptics, collaborating with the Belarusian National Technical University. Impregnating compositions with which the plant works today are a product of joint developments. Plant has Patent for impregnating composition based on shale oil.